2 May Buenas noches. Debo traducir un manual en el cual aparece el término: penetration sleeves. Contexto: the fire damper shall be flanged on a separate. Penetration Enhancer - medical. Penetration method (of an APT) - information technology penetration of the data · penetration rate · penetration sleeve. Penile penetration · Thump Penetration · Visit the Spanish-English WordReference: Ask in the forums best.titgelspain.bidsions about 'penetration' in the English. Penetration sleeve стоит PIPE WALL SLEEVE. Pipe Wall Sleeves are an option to create a hole penetration in a concrete wall. They are placed into the frame before pouring, and leave a clean hole. document-pdf-icon Descargar PDF Pipeseal Final with Corrected Table Ver descripción completa mas abajo. Pipe Wall Sleeves are an option to. cloison étanche à l'eau et au gaz. Wall Sleeves. Cleaner installation for your piping system. Available in steel or PVC, wall sleeves are positioned in the wall before the concrete is poured. Wall sleeves offer a cleaner installation for your engineered piping system. MetraSeal pipe gap seals work with or without wall sleeves. The TCS2 cable sleeve is precoated with a special Raychem sealant that flows when heated. This sealant is water-insoluable, and will adhere to virtually all substrate surfaces, ensuring an environmental seal and protection against moisture and water penetration. In addition, the sleeve is thermally stable and resistant to.

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